Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Cherry Lola

Once I learned about porosity and realized that I have low porosity hair, I decided to use methods and products to work with my hair, not against it. Lowly porous hair has tightly packed cuticles and in order to get the moisture in, the cuticle needs to be lifted. This is accomplished with the Cherry Lola Treatment in which this video show you how to mix the products.
Again, do your research because I did find that this treatment only compliments low porosity hair. But when you consider the cuticle of high porous hair (which is open) and the mechanism of baking soda (the lift the cuticle open), it doesn't take a rocket scientists to figure out not to use it on highly porous hair.

Three simple products are needed. All can be found at Whole Foods.

Wet hair before discovering Cherry Lola vs wet hair after a Cherry Lola treatment
My Review:
I love this treatment. It simple, cheap and good for my lowly porous hair. When rinsing out the treatment I instantly felt a difference. The water penetrated my hair more easily than before. My curls were defined. My hair wasn't as tangled and it actually felt smooth. While I had open cuticles I applied some moisture and a water based leave-in. My hair felt great! This will be added to my regimen. 

~My hair is my CANVAS

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